Mio S495 LM test and top features

Mio 495 LM hands on 

This year a new Mio navigation series was launched.

Today we are going to test Mio S495 LM a device from the  mid-top range that comes with a map of the entire European continent and free actualizations of the maps.
Design and connectivity

Mio S495 has the same robust design that we grew accustomed to in the past years. The front case of the device is made of glossy material and the back is made of matte plastic.


mio s495 with lifetime maps



As for connectivity we can connect it to the PC, it has a micro SD card slot and an AV In jack/plug (with the aid of which we can connect a rearview camera or an auto DVD and use the Mio S495 as a rendering screen).


mio s495 start screen


Display and touchscreen

With a diagonal of 4, 3 inch we can say that it is a classical navigator dimension wise. We can also say that we were pleasantly surprised by its screen: it promptly reacts to touch and the brightness is above average. In bright sunlight falling on the display the text appears to be clearly legible as well as the other on-screen info, proving once more that Mio doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality.

Mio S495LM has a last generation Lithium battery that ensures autonomy without recharging for up to 3 hours. Certainly this aspect is only important in pedestrian mode.

Hardware performance

S495LM comes equipped with the same Samsung CPU of 400 MHz present in 2012 models as well, and has a working memory of 128 MHz This way it can run its navigation software smoothly and can calculate multiple long, complex routes in a relatively short period of time.
What accessories do we get?


The device comes with a charger, windshield holder and AV In cable. The charger takes 12 to 24 W and can be efficiently  incorporated in the windshield mount. Connecting or disconnecting the unit from the support is made easier, and placing it in different positions depending on the driver’s visibility is not an issue.


S495 LM  comes with Spirit software and maps of the all the European countries. The device has the LMU extension which means that it can update maps free of charge anytime you need. If we think of how much a set of new maps costs (sometimes exceeding 60-80 euro) we can finally say that we don’t have to worry about that anymore.


mio spirit alternative routes







As for the premium functions of this device it has: TMC, parking assistance and multiple route choice.

The main menu is intuitive, the sizeable icons allow access safely even while driving. We can select/choose areas directly from the map and we can test the route/directions in simulation mode before setting off.

The route is quickly calculated and we can search for an address in classical mode or by just inserting a key word that will generate accurate results.

Another characteristic of the software is Learn Me Pro, which stores data about the driver’s profile – basically the device will create an itinerary based on our route history.

If the chosen route is not ok from our point of view, S495LM will calculate up to 4 new alternative routes and we can choose the best one. The main navigation screen is lacking in detail a bit, there are no landforms and the interest points don’t stand out.

On the right we have the route info and the rest of the screen shows only the main road. Those that have already used other software (for instance iGO Primo , Sygic) will be disappointed by the theme chosen by Mio.

Another interesting function of this device is the TMC.

It is extremely useful and will probably help us avoid traffic jams, obstructed highways where accidents took place, etc.

Voice guidance has Text to Speech integrated: full sentences are being uttered that contain maneuvering information, street names and various warnings.Unfortunately the voice is a bit annoying due to poor synthesizing.

Parking assistance is another key point of the Mio S495LM software.The software will search and will guide you to the nearest parking spots around our destination.

We even tested the Find my Car feature. The device memorizes the coordinates of the place where we parked our car and in the case that it is the last place where we parked it we can quickly return to that position with the aid of Mio S495LM.

Map Coverage

Maps from the Tele Atlas provider are used which offer great coverage of most European countries but are less detailed in Eastern Europe. For instance in countries such as Romania or the Ukraine some county roads and roundabouts –that have been there for a year or two- are missing.

Mio S495 LM is a quality device/unit, robust which includes many top functions. It is a reliable partner and the TMC feature will help you avoid traffic jams and the parking assistance will help us be more relaxed.

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